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PDAnow is a unique online professional development website for professionals in Nursing, Real Estate, Allied Health and Business. Each short course topic takes about an hour to complete and is worth one continuing professional development (CPD) point.

We have hundreds of affordable courses that will help you become the master of your own destiny. All courses are self-service, allowing you to complete them online, in your own time on your mobile, tablet or home computer. All you need to succeed are basic online computer skills.

Topics are peer reviewed by industry professionals and endorsed by nationally recognised industry associations. All are constantly updated to ensure they incorporate current policies, legislation and Australia-wide guidelines.


  • • PDAnow provide topics that are written by Australians industry professionals specifically with an Australian audience in mind
  • • You’ll get access to short, sharp, relevant topics (most are 1hr = 1 CPD point)
  • • Subscribers will get immediate feedback of results with verifiable certificates of completion for audit purposes
  • • Your costs for staff training could well be lower and our topics are tax deductible
  • • Once the corporate or single professional subscription has been set up all topics are completely self-service with online support available when needed.
  • • Quality is also assured by constantly updating topics to ensure they incorporate current policies, practices, legislation and Australia-wide guidelines.

Why not sign up today and ensure you maximise your chances of succeeding in your business or profession?

Latest Topics

  • Managing Staff Performance
    On completion of this topic, you will have gained an increased understanding of:
    • The principles of performance management
    • How to performance manage staff
    • The importance of performance management and its importance in organisational function
    • How to identify staff performance issues
    The duration of this topic is: 1 hour
  • Defusing and De-escalating Aggression
    On completion of this topic, you will have gained an increased understanding of:
    • Provide a practical framework for intervening early in an episode of aggression
    • The role of a health professional in effectively managing an interaction with a potential aggressor
    • Prevention and management of aggression and how they can be applied in the work place
    • The potential advantages and disadvantages of a ‘show of force’ intervention
    • Identify and manage potential escape strategies in circumstances of escalating aggression
    The duration of this topic is: 1 hour
  • Australian Snakes and Snakebite
    On completion of this topic, you will have gained an increased understanding of:
    • The species and distribution of the common venomous snakes in Australia
    • The composition and physiological effects of Australian snake venoms
    • Methods of identifying snake venoms
    The duration of this topic is: 1 hour

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